Political Risk Analysis

Political risks

Minimize your risks, maximize your success

A successful market entry requires an in-depth assessment of the political risks facing overseas investment. Such an analysis provides a basis for the most efficient risk mitigation strategies. Our team’s profound knowledge of the local context and languages and access to key regional actors enables us to provide you with invaluable insights in order to identify and effectively address potential risks.

Poliical Risk Analysis

Country forecasting

Understand your environment

Our country forecasting reports present an up-to-date macro-economic and social-political review of a country. FC specializes in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and West Asia regions and provides in-depth assessments of the most recent developments, their contexts and delivers an analysis of the main trends that are relevant to political and economic decision-making.

Counrty forecasting

Strategic business intelligence

Develop a strategy of success in a changing world

An accurate anticipation of changes in customer preferences, competitors’ capabilities, as well as of new technological trends is essential in order to build a successful business strategy. Fortuna Consulting provides strategic business intelligence accounting for developments both within industries and in their external environment to support a wide range of your business decisions ranging from operational to strategic concerns.


Physical Security of Critical Infrastructure

Stay secure in a volatile environment

Infrastructure security can be subject to threat due to various factors, including civil unrest, environmental disasters, low levels of law enforcement, or even looting. Often overlooked, such factors can pose significant risks for the success of business operations within the region. Fortuna Consulting provides a rigorous analysis of such risks and can propose you the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the security and continuity of your business.

Infrastructure security