Political Forecasting

Leadership, Personality Traits Analysis

Know you counterpart, strengthen your position

woman analysis

Understanding one’s counterpart’s characteristics is vital for establishing effective relations with partners and ensuring success at the negotiation table. Through the use of our cutting-edge software, Fortuna Consulting is able to provide multidimensional personality traits analysis of various actors, including political, security, operational and business environments. Our in-depth analysis provides unique insights into your counterparts’ behavioral patterns and helps understand their motivations and anticipate their strategies.

Predictive Analytics

Understand current data, anticipate future trends


The statistical analysis of big data allows for the prediction of an event’s probability. Statistical analysis can also serve to determine target groups for political or commercial campaigns. Our predictive analytics products provide a robust basis for enterprises in order to anticipate and understand emerging trends, risks and opportunities.


Know your audience


Market research, political campaigns, and many other activities require a solid understanding of the preferences of the targeted audience. Scientifically designed and rigidly conducted surveys can provide invaluable information on such preferences. Fortuna Consulting provides survey research including various designs, such as cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Our methodologies adhere to the highest scientific standards in order to ensure reliability and validity of the results.

Scenario Building

Be equipped for any scenario

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Scenario building is a fundamental method in political forecasting. Providing an insight into different probable versions of the future, this method can equip you with various tools to succeed in a volatile environment. With this technique, Fortuna Consulting can provide your business with the foundation to develop efficient back-up strategies in order to mitigate the effects of risks and rapid changes.

Game Theory

Master the game!


Game theoretical models can predict the behavior of multiple interacting actors in various settings. Using such models, detailed strategies for different purposes, e.g. driving sustainable competitive advantage and profitability, can be developed. Our team’s strong academic background and experience in modeling provide a strong basis to help you tailor strategies that can address fundamental challenges.

Semantic Technologies

Recognize the value of new information

Large volumes of information are produced every day. The larger the amount of available data becomes the more difficult it is to fully grasp its meaning and distinguish between what’s important and what isn’t. The analysis of data sets can help spot trends and developments. Using elaborate semantic technologies, Fortuna Consulting supports businesses in systematically analyzing and categorizing big data in order to determine its relevance for the client.


Election Forecasts

Forecast and impact the future

The results of elections, distribution of seats and effects of such outcomes are among the main concerns of political and business actors during an election process. FC conducts opinion polls at national, regional and local level in order to determine detailed patterns of political attitudes and preferences. Based on such polls, Fortuna Consulting provides an in-depth analysis of electoral behavior and forecasts for political elections.