Economic & Socio-Demographic Research

Macroeconomic Analysis

Levels of income and employment, fluctuations in currency and local production in a targeted country are key factors that need to be taken into account to ensure the success of overseas investments. Our macroeconomic analysts help businesses to correctly evaluate the capacity of the targeted markets and to forecast their perspectives and risks.


Financial Markets

Our analysis of financial markets includes anticipating trends, the evaluation of the current performance of a specific financial market and the analysis of interdependencies between different financial markets in order to enable investors to make informed decisions before investing in new markets.

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Sectoral Reports

Fortuna Consulting provides sectoral reports on the competitiveness and growth trends within a particular industry, the availability of appropriate local suppliers and skilled local labor force, as well as the volatility of infrastructure. Our analysts, specializing in particular industries, help executives to accurately determine and mitigate risks and to develop an optimal business strategy.

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Business Regulations, Taxation Analysis

Business regulations analysis is necessary to determine operational constraints for business activity in a particular country. Moreover, failure to comply with existing regulations can lead to high reputational and financial costs for a company. Fortuna Consulting provides assessments of business regulations covering areas such as initiation and conducting of business activities, regulations on permits, taxation and trans-border operations.


Socio-Demographic Analysis

The successful entering of new markets requires a solid understanding of local socio-demographic trends. Our analysis of social issues, demographic trends, and cultural and value-based preferences of the targeted population supports enterprises in tailoring their business strategies according to local contexts.